LOng and Averill used the distal phalanx of the index finger as a measure of body surface area to be covered by a topical cream.


1 fingertip unit (1 FTU) is the amount of a cream that can be squeezed onto the distal phalanx of an index finger. This amount of cream is 0.5 grams and should be able to cover 2% of the body surface area.


1 FTU = 0.5 gram = 2% BSA


1% BSA = 0.25 grams = 0.5 FTU


1 handplam = 1% of BSA


dose of cream to dispense for one dose =

= (body surface area affected in percent) * 0.25 grams


amount of cream in grams should cover a body surface area =

= 4% * (number of grams)


Castanedo-Cazares et al found that 1 FTU covered 275 square cm in adult males and 257 square cm in adult females.


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