Delabrousse et al reported a number of findings in an abdominal CT scan which can be used to identify a bezoar causing a small bowel obstruction (SBO). Small bowel obstruction is a common way for a bezoar to present. The authors are from CHU Jean Minjoz in Besancon, France.


Features of a bezoar causing small bowel obstruction:

(1) a well-defined ovoid mass with gas bubbles

(2) a lesion that looks similar in the stomach

(3) length < 10 cm (usually)

(4) encapsulating wall (presence of a high-attenuation boundary)

(5) "floating density debris" sign (presence of fat-density debris floating in the lumen of a dilated bowel proximal to the site of obstruction)



• The region with the density of fat show HU readings from -50 to -150.


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