Certain findings during a fire investigation may suggest that it was arson motivated for economic profit.


Findings suggesting arson:

(1) start points inconsistent with an accident

(2) evidence of an accelerant or incendiary device

(3) exclusion of all natural and accidental causes


Items that may be the target for a profit-motivated arson:

(1) home

(2) business

(3) expensive automobile

(4) boat


Findings suggesting arson for profit:

(1) The owner has a recent history of financial difficulties.

(2) There has been a recent increase in insurance coverage or change in fire-related coverage.

(3) Evidence that expensive items or inventory have been removed prior to the fire.

(4) There has been substitution of furnishings, with expensive items replaced by cheap items.

(5) The debris is inconsistent with what the owner claims was present.


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