Kaplan et al developed an index for evaluating a woman's sexual function. This can be monitored over time to determine the effectiveness of an intervention.


Parameters evaluated over the past 4 weeks:

(1) discomfort during sexual intercourse

(2) dryness during sexual intercourse

(3) attempts at sexual intercourse

(4) frequency of sexual desire

(5) level of sexual desire

(6) overall sex life

(7) sexual relationship with partner

(8) frequency of orgasm with sexual stimulation or intercourse

(9) degree of clitoral stimulation


Each item had 6 responses from no sexual activity (0 points) to maximal (5 points).



• Sexual intercourse is defined as vaginal penetration by the partner.

• Most times indicates much more than half the time. Sometimes indicates about half the time. A few times indicates much less than half the time.


total index =

= SUM(points for all 9 items)


percent change =

= (current index value) / (baseline index value) * 100%



• minimum score: 2

• maximum score: 45

• The higher the score, the greater the level of sexual functioning.

• A percent change > 160% indicates a significant improvement.


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