Fecaluria refers to the passing of fecal material into the urine.


Clinical setting:

(1) ureterocolic fistula

(2) vesicocolic fistula

(3) urethrorectal fistula


Predisposing factors:

(1) trauma

(2) cancer

(3) iatrogenic injury

(4) severe urinary tract infection, including tuberculosis and urinary calculi

(5) Crohn's disease

(6) radiation therapy

(7) diverticulitis


Clinical findings:

(1) pneumaturia

(2) recurrent urinary tract infection

(3) foul-smelling and discolored urine


Microscopic findings:

(1) severe bacteruria, usually with mixed flora and including enterics

(2) food debris



(1) cystoscopy

(2) imaging studies with contrast material


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