Calprotectin and lactoferrin are proteins released from neutrophils at sites of inflammation. Their fecal levels correlate with the level of acute inflammation in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.


Indications for use:

(1) monitoring a patient with idiopathic inflammatory disease (IBD) in remission, identifying a patient at risk for an impending relapse

(2) distinguishing between inflammatory and noninflammatory conditions (such as irritable bowel syndrome) in a patient with abdominal symptoms


Factors affecting fecal levels:

(1) type of inflammation

(2) intensity of the inflammation

(3) mucosal ulceration

(4) distance from the anus (the further away the greater the degradation)

(5) the amount of stool

(6) gastrointestinal hemorrhage


Calprotectin is expressed in micrograms per gram of stool.

Lacterferrin is expressed in micrograms per mL of stool.

Fecal Measurement

Elevated Levels Associated with an Impending Relapse of IBD


> 150 micrograms/g


> 400 micromgrams/mL


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