The delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) results in people who stay up all night and sleep all day.



(1) inability to fall asleep at conventional bed-times, despite determined attempts to change

(2) onset of sleep in the early morning (after 02:00)

(3) normal duration of sleep, which often extends into early afternoon if uninterrupted


Problems arise if the person tries to work a normal daytime schedule since the person is sleep deprived.


Complications if attempt to adhere to normal daytime schedules:

(1) daytime sleepiness or cognitive impairment

(2) tardiness at school or work

(3) difficulty in interpersonal relationships

(4) overuse of alcohol and/or sedatives

(5) depression due to problems caused by DSPS


Differential diagnosis:

(1) depression with difficulty falling asleep

(2) other psychiatric disorders

(3) use of caffeine or other stimulants before bedtime


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