The advanced sleep phase syndrome (ASPS) follows the adage of early to bed and early to rise.



(1) The person becomes tired and falls asleep early in the evening (before 21:00).

(2) The person wakens early in the morning (before 5:00).

(3) The pattern persists for some time and may resist attempts to make a change.

(4) The person has a normal amount of undisturbed sleep.

(5) The patient does not show signs of a significant mood disturbance.


Some people prefer this pattern of sleep. To be considered a disorder it should be associated with some distress in the patient, such as interference with social activities or interpersonal relationships.


This pattern is often seen in the elderly and may contribute to fatigue and problems of cognition.


Differential diagnosis:

(1) Depression with early wakening.

(2) Narcolepsy

(3) Sleep apnea


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