As people get older there is usually some decline in memory. Some people experiencing normal aging may become afraid that they are becoming demented. Kral listed some criteria for identifying "benign" forgetfulness. The author is from McGill University.


Features of an older adult with "benign" forgetfulness:

(1) memories for recent events are preserved

(2) if memories from remote events are forgotten these are of minor importance and often are recalled at some other time

(3) any change in memory occurs very slowly

(4) the patient is aware of the forgetfulness

(5) the patient is able to look after personal needs as much as physically able

(6) the patient is able to adjust

(7) the patient remains socially engaged

(8) the patient is oriented to time , person and place

(9) the patient is free of cerebrovascular disease or other conditions associated with impaired cognition


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