Bullying is a common problem that is seen around the world. A child bully often grows up to be an adult one.


A bully is someone who repeatedly tries to get power or control over others using negative means.


A bully may use:

(1) physical threat or violence

(2) verbal threat or abuse

(3) manipulative behavior

(4) rob, extort or do material damage to a person's possessions

(5) verbal remarks about a person (slanderous gossip)

(6) exclusion from activities (ostracizing)


A patient who is a bully:

(1) may have learned the behavior at home or as part of a culture

(2) may not know other ways of achieving his or her goals

(3) often has little or no regard for the feelings of others

(4) may feel no regret for negative behaviors

(5) may be only concerned about own pleasure

(6) may be depressed or anxious

(7) may have physical or psychosomatic complaints

(8) may abuse drugs and/or alcohol

(9) may belong to a deviant peer group

(10) show poor social functioning

(11) may be abusive to animals or be a vandal


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