Ashwell et al modified the original fat distribution (FD) score to be based on circumferences rather than diameters. This CFD score can be used to describe the distribution of fat in females when photographic equipment is not available. The authors are from the Clinical Research Center (Harrow, Middlesex) and St.Thomas' Hospital Medical School (London) in England.

Patterns of fat:

(1) central (fat deposited primarily around the waist)

(2) intermediate

(3) peripheral (fat deposited primarily around the hips and thighs, aka gynoid)


Protocol: A steel metric tape was used. The waist circumference was the maximum measurement between the waist and the thighs. The thigh circumference was measured at the level of the gluteal fold. Measurements were taken horizontally.



(1) waist circumference in cm

(2) thigh circumference in cm


CFD score =

= (29 * LOG10 (waist circumference)) - (36 * LOG10 (thigh circumference)) + 10.5



• The CFD scores may range from -2 to +7.

• A negative score indicates a peripheral fat distribution.

• A positive score indicates a more central fat distribution.



• A woman with little fat to distribute may give a skewed result.

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