Mine et al identified signs and symptoms associated with the early and late dumping syndromes following gastrectomy. These may impact the patient's quality of life depending on duration, severity and associated impairment. The authors are from Toranomon Hospital, National Cancer Center Hospital, University of Tokyo, Cancer Institute Hospital Tokyo, Shiga University of Medical Science and Sayama Hospital in Japan.


Signs and symptoms occurring in early and late dumping syndromes:

(1) cold sweat

(2) palpitations

(3) flushing

(4) faintness

(5) abdominal pain or fullness

(6) diarrhea

(7) nausea and vomiting

(8) dizziness

(9) tremoe

(10) loss of consciousness

(11) hunger


This may range in severity from mild to severe.


These signs and symptoms may result in impairment of the patient's:

(1) ability to work

(2) social and recreational activities

(3) ability to participate in sport or exercise

(4) family and intimate relationships

(5) ability to travel


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