Certain factors are commonly associated with preventable adverse incidents during the administration of anesthesia. Identification of procedures with risk factors can allow preventive measures to be taken. The authors were from the Leicester Royal Infirmary in England.


Factors associated with preventable adverse incidents:

(1) failure to perform a proper checkout and history

(2) inadequate anesthesia experience

(3) inadequate familiarity with the equipment being used

(4) inadequate familiarity with the surgical procedure being performed

(5) inadequate familiarity with the anesthetic technique being used

(6) poor communication with other health care providers

(7) lack of skilled assistance

(8) lack of supervision

(9) emergency case

(10) haste

(11) inattention or carelessness

(12) fatigue

(13) excessive dependency on other personnel

(14) visual field restricted

(15) teaching activity underway


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