Chronic venous insufficiency in the legs can have a significant impact on a patient's quality of life.


Physical consequence of chronic venous insufficiency:

(1) chronic pain

(2) difficulty walking

(3) pruritis

(4) skin ulceration with drainage


Consequences of the chronic venous insufficiency (disabilities):

(1) restricted employment opportunities (which can affect economic status)

(2) decrease in sleep quality

(3) impaired social participation which can result in social isolation

(4) deterioration in relationships

(5) negative emotional response such as depression

(6) interference with activities of daily living


Factors affecting severity:

(1) needing to keep going despite symptoms (unable to stop when symptomatic)

(2) more extensive disease

(3) large skin ulceration

(4) peripheral neuropathy

(5) edema

(6) comorbid conditions such as diabetes and obesity


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