Duchateau et al evaluated international travelers who underwent immediate aeromedical evacuation. This is a complex and expensive procedure that should only be used when appropriate. The authors are from the Mondial Assitance France and the University of Maryland.


Patient selection: international traveler who is seriously ill or injured


An international traveler was either evacuated immediately by air or else locally stabilized and then repatriated by a nonemergent means.


Factors associated with a decision to immediately evacuate a traveler by air:

(1) age <= 15 years

(2) absence of a "high standard" hospital (good level of hygiene, intensive care unit, modern diagnostic equipment, etc)

(3) in Sub-Saharan Africa



• The population studied utilized a French air evacuation system. This may explain the relative importance of sub-Saharan Africa.


Parts of the world where a high standard hospital may not be available:

(1) Greenland

(2) much of Bolivia and peru

(3) much of sub-Saharan, Central and West Africa

(4) parts of Pakistan and Afganistan

(5) Papua New Guinea

(6) small islands in the Caribbean, Pacific or Indian Ocean


The authors note that a standardized scoring system may improve allocation of these resources.


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