Getting the right protective glasses depends on getting a frame size that fits comfortably.

The frame size is imprinted on the inside of the arm with sequence:

(eye size) - (bridge size) - (temple size)


Example: 53-19-145


Eye size or lens width: horizontal width of each lens at the widest point


Bridge size: width of the nasal bridge; also the distance between the lenses


Temple or arm length: horizontal distance from the frame hinge to the vertical through the arm tip



Usual Range

eye size

40 to 62 mm

bridge size

14 to 24 mm

temple length

120 to 150 mm


Variation in temple length:

(1) location of the hinge based on the frame brand

(2) some measure the absolute distance along the upper surface of the arm


Additional measurements:

(1) lens height: vertical width of the lens at its widest point

(2) total frame width: horizontal distance from the left to right extent of the frames

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