Scleromyxedema is a systemic disorder with extracutaneous manifestations and a number of complications.

Extracutaneous manifestations:

(1) dermatoneuro syndrome

(2) arthralgias or arthritis

(3) neuropathy and/or carpal tunnel syndrome

(4) cardiac disease (mucinous cardiomyopathy, ischemia and/or heart failure)

(5) myopathy

(6) fibromyalgia

(7) esophageal dysmotility

(8) bilateral macular edema

(9) Raynaud's phenomenon

(10) Sjogren syndrome

(11) dyspnea on exertion, decreased pulmonary diffusion capacity and/or pulmonary fibrosis

(12) hematologic disorder (myelodysplasia, lymphoma)

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