A patient with sarcoidosis may show exercise intolerance. Easy fatigability may be the presenting symptom in some patients. Exercise capacity may be used to monitor disease progression.

Symptoms associated with exercise intolerance may include:

(1) muscle weakness

(2) fatigue

(3) dyspnea


Factors contributing to exercise intolerance:

(1) respiratory disease with impaired gas exchange

(2) deconditioning

(3) medications

(4) cardiac sarcoidosis

(5) involvement of the diaphragm and/ir intercostal muscles


Tests that can be used to monitor the patient:

(1) cardiopulmonary exercise testing with cycle ergometer or treadmill

(2) six minute walking test (6MWT)


A person with sarcoidosis should be encouraged to exercise as much as possible. This can improve exercise capacity, avoid deconditioning and improve mood.

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