Choovuthayakorn et al identified events associated with posterior segment intraocular foreign bodies. These can help to identify situations when eye protection may warranted. The authors are from Chiang Mai University in Thailand.


To get a foreign body into the posterior segment of the eye requires (1) something small (2) being propelled at a speed.


Classes of activity:

(1) motor vehicle accidents (car, motorcycle, etc)

(2) yard work and farming

(3) other occupations

(4) explosion-related


Yard work and farming:

(1) wood cutting

(2) electric grass trimming


Other occupations:

(1) chiseling on metal

(2) hammering a nail

(3) grinding metal



(1) firework explosion

(2) gun discharge

(3) grenade explosion


These events involve something unexpected happening. The only way to prevent foreign bodies from entering the eyes is to be wearing eye protection.


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