Satoh et al used diffusion-weighted MRI to evaluate solitary pulmonary nodules. The authors are from Ohme Municipal General Hospital, the National Printing Bureau Tokyo Hospital, Kurashiki Medical Center and the Graduate School of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Signal Intensity


none or faint (much less than the thoracic spinal cord)


less than the thoracic spinal cord


comparable to the thoracic spinal cord


greater than the thoracic spinal cord


much greater than that of the thoracic spinal cord



Malignant nodules tend to have a higher signal intensity score.


Performance at a cutoff >= 3 indicating a malignant nodule:

• The sensitivity was 80% and specificity 61% (Youden 41%).

• The overall accuracy was 80%.


False positives may occur with:

(1) granulomas

(2) inflammatory lung nodules

(3) fibrous nodules


False negatives may occur with:

(1) small metastatic tumors

(2) bronchoalveolar carcinoma

(3) a nonsolid adenocarcinoma


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