Whether an athlete with splenomegaly can participate or not in sport depends on a number of factors.



(1) time course of splenomegaly (acute vs chronic)

(2) cause of the splenomegaly and the athlete's physical condition

(3) magnitude of the splenomegaly

(4) history of previous injury or bleeding from the spleen

(5) risk of abdominal impact (contact and collision risk)


Contraindications to participation in a sport:

(1) acute splenomegaly

(2) marked splenomegaly

(3) unable to participate due to limits imposed by physical condition

(4) 2 or more of the following: (4a) moderate splenomegaly, (4b) history of previous injury or bleeding, (4c) risk for significant abdominal impact


An athlete with no physical limitation and mild, chronic splenomegaly should be able to participate in most non-contact sports and may be able to participate in a contact sport if the left upper abdomen can be shielded.


Any other combination of findings requires an individual assessment.


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