A patient with HIV disease is at increased risk for periodontitis. Ramos-Gomez identified a number of factors associated with this risk and identified appropriate interventions. The author is from the University of California at San Francisco.


Patient selection: HIV positive


Risk factors:

(1) immunodeficiency, including progression to AIDS

(2) malnutrition

(3) poor oral hygiene

(4) accumulation of dental plaque and calculus

(5) poorly controlled diabetes mellitus

(6) diet, especially high sugar intake

(7) poor compliance


Management to reduce risk of periodontitis:

(1) frequent oral rinsing with chlorhexidine

(2) good oral hygiene (frequent brushing and flossing)

(3) removal of plaque and calculus

(4) improved diet

(5) control of diabetes

(6) analgesics for oral pain

(7) prompt care of severe acute periodontitis, including antibiotics


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