Occasionally a person will have complaints made of having an offensive body odor. Usually the cause is obvious, but sometimes a more extensive investigation is required to find the cause. This can be very distressing to all involved unless the cause can be found and corrected.


Patient-related factors:

(1) failure to bathe

(2) failure to wash or change clothing or shoes

(3) incontinence

(4) excessive flatulence

(5) diet

(6) perfume

(7) excessive sweating

(8) halitosis

(9) inherited metabolic disorder (see 14.37.08)

(10) festering wound or cancer

(11) smoking


Factors associated with person making the complaint:

(1) pregnancy or other condition resulting in hypersensitivity to smells

(2) dislike of the other person, with transference


Environmental smell (and not the person):

(1) poor air circulation or excessive heat

(2) mold or sick building syndrome

(3) something dead or rotting in the room

(4) odor brought in from the outside (through a window or ventilation duct)

(5) plant

(6) pet-related odor


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