Young et al reported factors influencing the outcome following surgery to release adhesions in patients with the proximal hamstring (PHS). The authors are from Monash University in Melbourne and University Hospital Antwerp.


Features indicating "a lack of success" following surgery:

(1) inability of the patient to return to the chosen sport at the preferred level of competition

(2) persistent, significant symptoms

(3) complications

(4) overall dissatisfaction


These features can be used to develop an instrument to determine outcome of surgery.



(1) return to sport

(2) symptoms

(3) complications

(4) satisfaction


Categories for return to sport:

(1) back to former sport at expected level of performance

(2) back to sport but unable to perform at former level

(3) able to exercise but not compete

(4) exercising difficult but doable

(5) disabled


Categories for persistent symptoms following surgery:

(1) none

(2) better but still some minor problems

(3) better but still some moderate problems

(4) persistent symptoms that are essentially unchanged by the surgery

(5) worse or severe symptoms


Categories for complications:

(1) none

(2) minor

(3) moderate

(4) severe

(5) disabling


Categories for satisfaction:

(1) very satisfied

(2) satisfied

(3) neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

(4) dissatisfied

(5) very dissatisfied


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