EuroQol is a generic quality of life instrument for measuring quality of life. The original EuroQol group was composed of 23 members from England, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

NOTE: EuroQol is a copyrighted term.


Parameters (Table 1, page 204):

(1) mobility

(2) self-care

(3) main activity (life-work: work, study, etc.)

(4) social relationships

(5) pain

(6) mood



(1) Mobility, self-care and pain are scored on a Likert scale from 1 to 3.

(2) Main activity, social relationships and mood are scored as 1 (not a problem) to 2 (problem).


Each patient is assigned a state designation for each parameter. Over time a state matrix would be generated.



• There are a total of 216 possible patterns. However, there are considerably fewer in practice, since a person confined to bed or unable to feed self is unlikely to be able to pursue main activity or social relationships. It appears as if there are 16 common patterns.



• The measures are somewhat limited compared to other instruments. For example, mobility uses only 3 states, while other instruments may use 5 to 7. A limited number of states may be required since design constraints require simple pattern recognition. Using more states would make the combinations explosive.

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