Steen et al used a serum troponin T concentration collected at 96 hours after an acute myocardial infarction to estimate the size of the infarct. This in turn correlates with cardiac function. The authors are from Universitatsklinikum Heidelberg and Herzzentrum Ludwigshafen in Germany.


The troponin T assay is from Roche and is based on electrochemoluminescence (Elecsys 2010 third generation cTnT). The lower detection limit is 0.01 µg/L and the diagnostic threshold for cardiac injury is 0.03 µg/L.



(1) non-ST segment elevation MI (NSTEMI) vs ST segment elevation MI (STEMI)

(2) serum concentration of troponin T in µg/L


The higher the serum troponin T concentration is at 96 hours the larger the amount of infarcted myocardium. The STEMI infarcts tend to be larger than NSTEMI ones.


Based on the lines shown in Figure 1, page 2194:


size of infarct in grams for an NSTEMI =

= (18.64 * (troponin T concentration)) - 7.562


size of infarct in grams for an STEMI =

= (26.45 * (troponin T concentration)) - 13.46



• The data shows some dispersion around the lines so that the line values are approximations. Derivation of the 95% confidence intervals would improve the estimates.


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