Ledesma used curve fitting software to derive equations for approximating the data of Durnin and Womersley (see section 02.03.09). These equations can provide a rapid estimate of percent body fat from 4 skinfold measurements. The author works for Nutripac in Mexico.

Subjects: Men and women with ages ranging from 17 to 74 years


sum of 4 skinfolds =

= (thickness of biceps skinfold in mm) + (thickness of triceps skinfold in mm) + (thickness of subscapular skinfold in mm) + (thickness of supra-iliac skinfold in mm)


percent body fat in men from 17-74 years =

= (14.83 * (LN(SUM of 4 skinfolds in mm))) – 36.45


percent body fat in women from 17-74 years =

= (14.71 * (LN(SUM of 4 skinfolds in mm))) – 29.04



• I do not know if the equations have been independently validated.

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