The duration of a pregnancy can be estimated during the physical examination based on the height of uterine fundus.


Technique: The woman should be reclining on her back. Both hands are cupped around the uterine fundus, with the palms in the midclavicular line and the fingers pointing medially.


Fundus Height

Week of Gestation

1-2 fingers above the pubic symphysis

end of 16th week

2-3 fingers below the umbilicus

end of 20th week

at the height of the umbilicus

end of 24th week

2-3 fingers above the umbilicus

end of 28th week

halfway between the umbilicus and xiphoid process

end of 32th week

at the ribcage

end of 36th week

fundus drops lower in the abdomen

during 37th week

1-2 fingers below the rib cage

end of 40th week



• The presence of leiomyomata along the fundus can make the pregnancy seem more advanced that it actually is.

• Obese women may be hard to evaluate.

• The findings are unreliable in the presence of a multiple gestation.


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