A person's stature while alive is greater than the skeletal height. This is due to several "soft tissue" factors (scalp, intervertebral discs, articular cartilage, etc). Fully and others have suggested ways of estimating living stature from the skeletal remains.

Fully reported correction factors that can be added to skeletal height in order to estimate living stature.


Skeletal Height in cm


<= 153.5 cm


153.6 to 165.4 cm


>= 165.5



Raxter et al continued the work with 2 equations:


living stature in cm =

= (1.009 * (skeletal height in cm)) - (0.0426 * (age)) + 12.1


living stature in cm =

= (0.996 * (skeletal height in cm)) + 11.7


The method of Fully for determining skeletal height is given in the appendix to the paper by Raxter et al.

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