Milk is a protein-rich food for infants. A mother's diet needs to have sufficient protein to compensate for milk production.



(1) volume of milk produced per day in mL

(2) protein content in g/dL

(3) efficiency in production of milk protein from dietary protein

(4) variance


protein requirements associated with lactation in grams per day =

= (volume in mL per day) * (protein in grams per dL) * 1.25 / (percent efficiency as a whole number)



• percent efficiency as a whole number = (decimal fraction for efficiency) * 100. 100 is the conversion of grams per dL to grams per mL.

• The mean milk production per day is 750 mL.

• The mean protein content of breast milk is 1.3 g/dL during the first months of lactation, then drops to 1.1 g/dL.

• 1.25 is the variance, based on a coefficient of variation is 12.5% (WHO, 1985).


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