The erythropoietin resistance index (ERI) is an indication of erythropoietin resistance in a patient with end-stage renal disease. It can be trended over time.

Patient selection: end-stage renal disease receiving erythropoietin



(1) weekly dose of erythropoietin in units

(2) hemoglobin concentration in g/dL

(3) post hemodialysis weight in kilograms



= (weekly dose of erythropoietin in units) / ((weight) * (hemoglobin)


Units: units per week per kg per g/dL


A similar index can be generated for darbopoietin but the units would be different.



• The higher the index (high dose, low hemoglobin) the greater the erythropoietin resistance.

• An ERI from 0 to 5 would be considered low (Bae et al).

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