van der Ploeg et al reported two equations for estimating the percent body fat for young adult Australian males based on skinfold thickness. The authors are from Flinders University and Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia.

Patient selection: Australian males from 18 to 30 years of age


Sum of 7 skinfold thickness measurements:

(1) triceps

(2) subscapular

(3) biceps

(4) supraspinale

(5) abdominal

(6) front thigh

(7) medial calf


The range for the sum of 7-skinfold thicknesses ranged from 40 to 180 mm.


percent body fat =

= (0.157 * (sum of skinfold thickness)) + 5.798


percent body fat =

= (-0.0007 * ((sum of skinfold thickness)^2)) + (0.3051 * (sum of skinfold thickness)) - 1.0385



• The method requires quality measurement devices and precise location of skinfold measurements to accurate and reliable.

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