Spencer and Waldman developed equations for evaluating the thyroid gland. The authors are from Yale University.


The right lobe was found to be about 11% longer and 23% heavier than the left lobe.


length of the right lobe in cm =

= (0.94 * (length of the left lobe in cm)) + 0.8


length of the left lobe in cm =

= ((length of the right lobe) - 0.8) / 0.94 =

= (1.064 * (length of the right lobe)) - 0.85


volume of the left or right lobe in mL =

= PI()*(((diameter in cm)/2)^2)*(length in cm)


total volume of the thyroid =

= (volume for the left lobe) + (volume for the right lobe)


The authors estimated that the density of the thyroid gland was 1 g per mL.


weight of the thyroid gland in grams =

= (volume of the thyroid gland in mL)


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