Samouda et al used anthropometric measurements to estimate the area of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) in overweight or obese pediatric patients of White European ethnicity. The authors are from Luxenbourg Institute of Health, Kyung Hee University, University of Pittsburgh and York University (Toronto).

Patient selection: 7 to 17 years, White European ethnicity, overweight or obese


Reference of VAT was made to the total abdominal adipose tissue measured by MRI.



(1) sex

(2) age in years

(3) waist circumference in cm (midway between lower rib and iliac crest)

(4) hip circumference in cm. at level of major trochanter


visceral adipose tissue in girls in square cm =

= (1.594 * (waist)) - (0.681 * (hip)) + (1.74 * (age)) - 48.95


visceral adipose tissue in boys in square cm =

= (1.328 * (waist)) - 72.53

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