Reeves et al developed equations for estimating the height of adults from Asia and Afro-Caribbeans. This can help to evaluate a bedridden patient who cannot stand to measure stature. The authors are from Oxford Brookes University.

Patient selection: young adults (mean 23.3 years)



(1) gender

(2) arm span in cm


height in cm for males from the Afro-Caribbean =

= (0.66 * (arm span)) + 54.9


height in cm for females from the Afro-Caribbean =

= (0.57 * (arm span)) + 66.9


height in cm for males from Asia =

= (0.67 * (arm span)) + 53.4


height in cm for females from Asia =

= (0.48 * (arm span)) + 81


The authors noted a significant difference between arm-span and height in Asian males and adults from the Caribbean. In these groups arm-span may not be a good proxy for height.

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