Linderholm and Lindgren estimated height for children and adults based on age, gender and arm span. This can help estimate height for a person with scoliosis, amputation or other disorder that makes direct measurement of standing height difficult or unreliable.

Patient selection: Caucasian with ages from 2 to 78 years


Exclusion: A patient with deformities of the upper extremity, inability to get full arm extension,  or severe disproportions.



(1) age in years

(2) gender

(3) arm span in cm (based on lateral abduction of arms at 90° to trunk with fingers outstretched, from tip of middle finger to tip of middle finger)



Ratio of Arm Span to Height






estimated height for males in cm =

= 8.64 + (0.9329 * (arm span in cm)) - (0.0732 * (age in years))


estimated height for females in cm =

= 9.88 + (0.9405 * (arm span in cm)) - (0.0846 * (age in years))

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