Larsson et al correlated a patient's age, height and weight with body fat in adults determined by dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). The authors are from Goteborg University and University Hospital Orebro in Sweden.

Patient selection: adults from 30 to 62 years of age, almost entirely White



(1) gender of the patient

(2) body height in meters

(3) body weight in kilograms

(4) waist circumference in cm


body fat for a male in kg =

= (0.4567 * (waist circumference)) + (0.2572 * (weight)) - (13.49 * (height)) + 18.38


body fat for a female in kg =

= (0.1069 * (waist circumference)) + (0.6276 * (weight)) - (25.69 * (height)) + 15.20


NOTE: The equation for females give a result comparable to that given by 02.03.30. However, the equation for males gave results about twice the expected value. Using 0.04567 for the waist circumference factor gave a closer value.

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