Kim et al reported equations for estimating skeletal muscle mass in Korean adults from height and total fat mass. This can help to identify a patient with sarcopenic obesity. The authors are from Korea University, Soonchunhyang University and Seoul National University.

Patient selection: Korean adults from 20 to 88 years of age.



(1) sex

(2) height in meters

(3) total fat mass in kilograms


appendicular skeletal muscle mass in kg for males =

= (32.84 * (height)) + (0.24 * (total fat mass)) - 31.23


appendicular skeletal muscle mass in kg for females =

= (21.65 * (height)) + (0.20 * (total fat mass)) - 19.10


Obesity was defined in total fat percentage was > 20.21% for males and > 31.71% for females.


Sarcopenia was defined as:

(1) males: appendicular skeletal mass index < 7.40 kg per square meters height

(2) females: appendicular skeletal mass index < 5.14 kg per square meter height


The presence of sarcopenic obesity was associated with an odds ratio of 3.2 for metabolic syndrome.


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