Jose and Collins developed equations for predicting the intrinsic heart rate (IHR) for a patient based on age, gender and body weight. The authors are from the Hallstrom Institute of Cardiology in Sydney, Australia.

Patient selection: age >= 16 years of age, with males to age 71 and females to age 62. The body weight was from 42 to 115 kilograms.


intrinsic heart rate in males in beats per minute =

= (-0.55 * (age in years)) + 118


intrinsic heart rate in females in beats per minute =

= (-0.61 * (age in years)) + 119


age corrected intrinsic heart rate =

= 100% * (measured intrinsic heart rate) / (predicted IHR for age and gender)


age-corrected intrinsic heart rate predicted from body weight =

= (-0.20 * (body weight in kilograms)) + 114



• The r value for the age equations was 0.63 for males and 0.67 for females.

• The r value for the body weight equation was 0.15 with p < 0.05.

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