Hull et al developed an empiric equation for estimating creatinine clearance in an adult. The authors are from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Burroughs Wellcome Company at Research Triangle Park.



(1) serum creatinine in mg/dL

(2) age in years

(3) gender


estimated creatinine clearance for a male in mL per min per 70 kg =

= ((145 - (age in years)) / (serum creatinine)) - 3


estimated creatinine clearance for a female in mL per min per 70 kg =

= 0.85 * (estimated creatinine clearance for a male)



• The creatinine clearance is given per 70 kg body weight rather than 1.73 square meters BSA.



• Liver disease is associated with overestimation of the creatinine clearance in this and other equations of creatinine clearance (Mawer, Jelliffe, Cockcroft-Gault).


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