Giles et al developed equations for estimating glenoid bone width from computed tomography (CT) measurement of glenoid height. A loss of > 25% in glenoid width is associated with poor outcomes following arthroscopic soft tissue reconstruction of anterior shoulder instability. The authors are from Imperial College London, Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre (London, Ontario), Western University and Keller Army Hospital.



(1) gender

(2) glenoid bone height in mm


glenoid width in males in mm =

= (0.667 * (glenoid height in mm)) + 5


glenoid width in females in mm =

= (0.667 * (glenoid height in mm)) + 3


observed vs predicted glenoid bone width =

= (observed) / (predicted) * 100%



• The intraclass correlation coefficient with MRI prediction was 0.818.

• The root mean squared error was 1.2 mm.


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