Giles and Vallandigham estimated the height of young adult Americans from foot length. This can help to identify or exclude a possible suspect. The authors are from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Subjects: adults in a U.S. Army database



(1) gender of the patient

(2) length of the foot in cm


estimated height of a male in cm =

= (3.447 * (length of foot in cm)) + 82.206


estimated height of a female in cm =

= (3.614 * (length of foot in cm)) + 75.065



• The standard error of estimate was 4.9 cm for males and 4.7 cm for females.

• The standard deviation (SD) of height was 6.6 cm in males and 6.5 cm in females

• The 70% confidence interval was +/- 5 cm in males and +/- 4.9 cm in females. (The data may not follow a normal distribution. If it did then the 70% interval should be about +/- 1 SD).


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