Delamain et al studied collection of peripheral blood stem cells for autologous stem cell transplantation in a patient with either malignant lymphoma or multiple myeloma. They developed 2 equations which can optimize apheresis by deciding which day to start harvesting. The authors are from State University of Campinas in Brazil.


Mobilization: granulocyte colony stimulating agent (GCSF) given 300 micrograms per day subcutaneously until apheresis completed.


Goal: collection of 5 * 10^6 CD34+ cells per kg (lean body weight probably better)



(1) age in years

(2) days receiving mobilization regimen

(3) baseline hemoglobin (before mobilization started) in g/dL

(4) day after mobilization started on which CD34+ concentration was > 10 per µL


day of peak CD34+ concentration relative to start of mobilization =

= (-0.41 * (baseline hemoglobin)) + (0.99 * (day when CD34+ first exceeded 10 per µL)) + 7.8


number of apheresis procedures required to collect sufficient stem cells =

= (0.02 * (age in years)) - (0.81 if myeloma, 0 if lymphoma) - (0.33 if formula to predict peak used, 0 if not) + 1.2


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