Bassey reported equations for estimating the height of European adults using the demi-span of the arms and gender. The author is from Queen's Medical College in Nottingham, England.


Demi = half. It may be easier and more accurate to measure half of the arm span of a chairbound or bedridden adult than to measure the entire arm span.


The measurement was from the sternal notch to the "finger roots" (metacarpal to proximal phalangeal joint) using a steel tape measure with measurements taken in millimeters. Values were taken in replicate.


Subjects: 125 normal European adults >= 20 years, presumably Caucasian


The equations are similar to those reported by Parker et al (02.04.08) and Han and Lean (02.04.17). The difference is that the factor multiplying the arm measurement is half that of the full arm span.


height for an adult female in cm =

= (1.35 * (demi-span of the arm in cm)) + 60.1


height for an adult male in cm =

= (1.40 * (demi-span of the arm in cm)) + 57.8



• The assumption is that there are normal body proportions.

• r values 0.74 for females and 0.75 for males.

• SEE 3.3 cm for females and 4.2 cm for males.


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