Ramiro et al reported an equation for estimating the neutral lateral middle fingertip-to-floor distance based on a person's height. The authors are from the University of Amsterdam, Hospital Garcia de Orta (Portugal), University of Maastricht, Leiden University and Atrium Medical Center (The Netherlands).


The middle fingertip-to-floor distance while in a neutral stance can be used in the assessment of lateral spinal flexion in the spondyloarthropathies. This distance is compared to the distance measured while in lateral spinal flexion.


Subjects: normal adults (20 to 69 years of age)



(1) height in centimeters


middle fingertip-to-floor distance in cm =

= (0.415343 * (height in cm)) - 4.3785



• The equation may be affected by disorders of spinal curvature.


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