Pea et al developed an equation for determining the 24 hour infusion rate for vancomycin to critically-ill patients. They used this equation to develop 2 nomograms to provide a steady state concentration of 15 or 20 mg/L. The authors are from the University of Udine in Italy.



(1) creatinne clearance in mL per minute

(2) target steady state concentration for vancomycin in mg/L


dose of vancomycin as an infusion in g/24 hours =

= (((0.029 * (creatinine clearance)) + 0.94) * (target stead state concentration) * 0.024


dose of vancomycin in mg/h =

= (24 hour dose) * 41.667



• 0.024 is represented as 24/1000 in the formula. 41.667 is 1000/24.


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