Myers et al developed an equation to predict a person's exercise capacity on a treadmill based on the patient's age and the person's activity level as reported using the Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire (VSAQ). The authors are from the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California.


The VSAQ is a questionnaire developed for military veterans referred for exercise testing. It identifies the METs associated with the activities that the person can perform with no or minimal symptoms (see above).


exercise capacity in METs =

= 4.7 + (0.97 * (METs from VSAQ)) – (0.06 * (age in years))


Alternative representations:

(1) nomogram (Figure 2, page 594, Myers et al, 1994; Figure 1, page 1043, Myers et al, 2001)

(2) table of all possible values (Figure 3, page 595, Myers et al, 1994)



• The equation is population specific, but the methodology can be used to derive equations applicable to other groups.


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