Sometimes the number of bones available for analysis is limited. Menezes et al developed an equation for estimating the height of remains from a South Indian adult male based on the length of the sternum. The authors are from multiple universities in India, Turkey and Netherlands Antilles.


Subjects: adults from 20 to 55 years of age (3 exceptions)


Measurement of sternum:

(1) The sternum was cleaned first then dried.

(2) The measurement was the length of the manubrium and mesosternum in the midline, from the central suprasternal notch (incisura jugularis) to the mesoxyphoid junction.

(3) The xyphoid process was not included in the measurement because of the high variability in its length.


estimated height in cm =

= (3.429 * (length of the sternum in cm)) + 117.784



• The sternums ranged from 10.6 to 16.1 cm in length.

• The heights ranged from 148 to 181 cm.



• The standard error of the estimate was 5.64 cm.


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