Mehra modified the equation of DuBois and Dubois for body surface area to more accurately estimate the body surface area (BSA) of adult male Indians. The author is from the Technical Development Establishment Laboratories in Kanpur, India.


Patients: Adult male Indians from 24-50 years of age, lean and fit



(1) body height in centimeters

(2) body weight in kilograms


body surface area in square centimeters =

= 113.1 * ((height in cm)^0.6468) * ((body weight in kilograms)^0.4092)


BSA in square meters =

= (BSA in square cm) / 10000



• The formula tends to slightly underestimate the true BSA by an average of 0.13%. The DuBois and DuBois formula tends to overestimate the area by a greater error.


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