Loftin et al reported an equation for estimating the percent of body fat in adolescent girls. The authors are from the University of New Orleans, San Diego State University, University of Arizona, Louisiana State University, University of Minnesota and University of North Carolina.

Patient selection: adolescent girls enrolled in the Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls (TAAG)


Endpoint: percent body fat as determined by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)



(1) body mass index in kg per square meter

(2) triceps skinfold thickness in mm

(3) race (1 if African American, 0 if not)

(4) age in years (range 10 to 15 years)

(5) product of BMI times triceps skinfold thickness


percent body fat =

= (2.27 * (BMI)) + (1.94 * (triceps skinfold)) – (2.95 * (points for race)) – (0.52 * (age)) – (0.06 * (BMI) * (triceps skinfold)) – 23.39



• The mean percent body fat was 27.9 with standard deviation of 10.4

• r-squared was 0.88

• Bland-Altman analysis that the equation did not perform satisfactorily compared to DEXA measurement.

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